We will do a LeMans style start (that means you run a short distance before getting on your bike). We will have an area delineated for you to leave your bikes, either in racks or on the ground. You may not have someone holding your bike for you. Traffic will be stopped for the first road crossing after the start.

Road Crossings:

We have four paved road crossings on the course. Two of them see very little traffic, but the other two are on the main road adjacent the campground. Our policy for this race is that bikes will yield to cars. We will not even try to stop traffic for you. We will not have course marshals at each crossing as previously stated here. Each crossing will have a warning and a yield sign leading up to it, as well as a red blinky light to get your attention. It is up to you to look for cars and not get hit.
There is a section of course on a gravel road. Part of it is open to traffic. It sees very little use but you need to keep your head up just in case. The other section is behind a gate. There shouldn't be any vehicles on it, but you never know.


Most standard mountain bike racing rules apply. Anything not covered here specifically will be decided by the race bosses:


After crossing the start/finish line, you must tag the next rider on your team in the area of the start/finish. If you are riding solo or doing two laps in a row for your team, just keep on going.
After your lap, we highly recommend checking the monitor in the shelter to make sure we got your lap recorded.

If you are on course but not riding a race lap, peel off before entering the roped off finish straight. If your team does something to make timing more complicated than it should be, we will simplify things in way that will likely decrease your lap count.


The race ends at 11am on Sunday. All laps completed before 11am count. Laps completed after 11am do not count. You can stop racing anytime.


Results are based first on the number of laps completed, then on time. Here is an example:

41322:40:00 for more info or questions

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