Relative to other 24 races, this 10 mile loop is very challenging. There are many sections of rocky trail and there is a steep drop that most people walk under perfect conditions. It is not the most technical course around, by normal cross country race standards, but in terms of 24 hour racing, it is very tough. You need decent technical skills to stay on your bike in many places. We highly recommend you pre-ride the course.

We think this will be a really fun race with a team, however, racing this solo is a bad idea. This course will beat you up if you try to keep at it for more than a couple of laps. These trails require your complete attention and focus. Chances are very slim solo racers will ride this race without taking significant breaks, so you may as well have a teammate out riding while you are resting. Do yourself a favor and get a team together. You will have more fun.

Aid Station:

Our good friends from Fat Fish Racing in Casper will be hosting the Fat Fish aid station throughout the race. They'll have water, some shade, and whatever they pull out of the river on the grill.

Course Map:

Below is an interactive map from where you can follow the route in real time with their app. Below that is the course drawn over a map of the southern trails in the park. You can also download the gpx file.

Course Map for more info or questions

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